About Jennifer Santiago

Jennifer Santiago is an Emmy-award winning Journalist, Travel Writer/Photographer, Attorney and former Model. The seven-time Emmy nominee has traveled to nearly forty countries–covering some of the decade’s most important stories. From the smoldering remains of Ground Zero on September 11th, to the aftermath of a natural disaster in Haiti, Jennifer’s commitment to telling stories, and enlisting viewer support in the face of injustice, has earned her multiple awards and even prompted one writer to label her the “Angelina Jolie of News.”

Jennifer’s reports have appeared on CNN, The Weather Channel, Sky News and the CBS Evening News. Her writing has also appeared on the pages of The Miami Herald, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Goveg.com and The Yoga Journal.

Jennifer’s globetrotting caught the attention of the The Travel Channel where she hosted a special called “A Royal Tour of Asia.” On her tour she visited China, Vietnam and Thailand. She also appeared on DirecTV’s “Hometown Heroes,” and the CBS Early Show. Her commitment to reporting on animals has earned her a Genesis Award from The Humane Society of The United States. The South Florida Black Journalists’ Association also awarded Jennifer multiple times for her reports from Haiti and West Africa.

Currently, Jennifer is a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S Department of State and is training with the 162nd A-100 Junior Officer Class in Washington D.C. Check back soon to find out her first overseas assignment.

Jennifer's hobbies include travel photography, writing and practicing yoga.

Photo taken at Anamaya Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica

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