Highlights from my Travel Chanel Special 'A Royal Tour of Asia'.

Part 1 of my story from Adwa, Ethiopia about the JNM Children's Village.

Part 2 of my story from Adwa where we continue our stay at the orphanage and visit a local hospital to see just how much medical attention is needed in this community.

A trip to Venezuela with an American tour group interested in President Hugo Chavez's socialist programs in poor communities.

My Emmy award winning story on child sex tourism in Cambodia.

A visit to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust cares for and eventually releases orphaned elephants.

One of several trips I took to Haiti to document the aftermath of a devastating hurricane.

An interview with a former female Guerilla fighter in Kenya who is now working with an Italianl NGO to get her life back on track after suffering severe war wounds.

Visiting a make-shift camp for Haitians left homeless after a devastating hurricane.

My award winning story about the UNESCO Heritage site The Point of No Return in West Africa.

My award winning story about one woman's plight to save children from slavery in Benin. West Africa.

My award wining story about the efforts to stop the seal hunt in Canada.

My reporting reel.

My anchor reel.


I was the first American journalist to visit the luxury resort in luxury resort in Kenya where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were first photographed together.

A fundraiser to benefit CBS 4's Neighbors for Neighbors featuring my travel photography.

My speech after receiving an Emmy for my story in Cambodia.

My speech at the Humane Society's Genesis Award show.

An interview with Kim Kardashian and the Plum girls put her website to the test.

In Benin, West Africa for CBS News

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