Home Leave in Miami

Home Leave in Miami

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Practice on tiny waves makes perfect
One of the many perks of being a Foreign Service Officer is home leave. Without going into too much detail, it is essentially the chance to get reacquainted with the home you left behind for two/three years. In my case that meant Miami. South Beach to be exact. It was the most amazing 30-days of yoga, surfing, eating healthy and biking all over my old neighborhood. It was also a chance to try new adventures like Kite-Surfing, and attend some great annual events like the Tobacco Road Craw fish festival, Beach Polo and Gay Pride.  
Now, time for six months of language training in DC. Home Sweet Home.
Renting a Deco Bike is the best way to get around South Beach


Sadly, Tobacco Road is closing its doors


Nikkita showing her Pride


You can surf South Beach. Waves or no waves.