My Yoga Teacher Journey

My Yoga Teacher Journey

My Yoga Teacher Journey 3024 3558 Jennifer Santiago

After two and a half weeks at Kranti Yoga Shala in Goa, India, I am 100 hours closer to a life long dream. Yoga Alliance, an International trade organization for yoga teachers, recognizes teacher certificates beginning at the 200 hour training level. Hope to start offering classes in Ashtanga Yoga soon.

Simba is a master at Downward Facing Dog

Students from Israel, Iran and Greece come together to help each other in our alignment classes

Always working on our flexibility in these two hour workshops

Taking notes on our Primary Series cheat sheet

High-fiving my Homie

Practice Practice Practice

Always more flexible at sunset

Downtime in Patnem Beach

Making friends with the locals

New friends

Flexible AF

Warrior 1 is harder than it looks

Class time. Simba is the best student clearly