Slavery is not a thing of the past, as WFOR’s Jennifer Santiago discovered on a visit to West Africa. Over a million children are trafficked in the country of Benin alone. (

A pilgrimage to Ouidah in Benin, West Africa. Here we visit the
Point of No Return- the departure point from where thousands of Africans were marched in shackles to awaiting slave ships–never to see their home, families or freedom again.

Emmy Award Winning Reporter Jennifer Santiago travels to Ethiopia and speaks with former female guerrilla fighters who rely on the generosity of an Italian NGO to make ends meet.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist gives Jennifer Santiago and exclusive interview inside his Tallahassee mansion.

Jennifer Santiago Reporter Reel: Stand-ups from Haiti, Benin, Venezuela and Canada.

The Fight to End the Canadian Seal Hunt

Jennifer Santiago: Anchor Reel

An Investigative report on a flaw in Florida’s Mandatory Minimum Laws for drug offenders.

Jennifer Santiago reports on the latest news on the growing humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

The Aquarius: A look inside the underwater lab studying marine life in the Florida Keys.

Jennifer Klarman-Santiago joins the Florida Governor on his trip to explore Bio-Ethanol in Brazil.

Scientists discover the Everglades is drying up because of climate change and ask for help from the Florida Governor to help restore this vital wetlands.