Porto De Galinhas

Porto De Galinhas

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I recently had an opportunity to TDY in Recife. After three days of shooting a video for the consular section’s waiting room, it was off to Porto De Galinhas for a long weekend.

The name means “Port of Chickens.”  So, naturally,  the place is decorated with…chickens. And, you must take pictures with, and of, all. But the name actually has a sinister origin. As explained in http://www.recifeguide.com: 

“In the second half of the 19th century, the Brazilian government imposed restrictions to the commerce of slaves, which were widely used as manpower in the sugarcane farms around Recife to circumvent the prohibition, the “black ships” (which transported slaves from Africa to Brazil) looked for other places to harbor, far from Recife. One such place was in the bays around Suape and Ipojuca, about 60 km to the South of Recife.
When a ship arrived in town, as it was prohibited to mention slavery, the word spread as “there are new chickens in the port”; hence, the place gained its name Porto de Galinhas.


Apparently the beach here is considered one of the best in Brazil and there are plenty of all-inclusive resorts to choose from. The surf is decent and consistent. And, the water temperature is warm.  I absolutely would love to serve in Recife- especially with such a beautiful and relaxing place just 1 1/2 hours driving distance away.

Nothing like enjoying the view with a fresh coconut
One of the many chickens scattered throughout the port town



The beach in front of our hotel Village Porto De Galinhas


Plenty of surfing right outside our window


In town there are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and (of course) chickens